Business Contracts

Edwards Kirby Lawyers have extensive experience in acting as advisers to business operators. This allows us to give you practical, insightful and proven advice which will allow you to successfully get on with your core business.

Commercial or Retail Leasing

Many standard leases are written to advantage the landlord. Entering into business premises without consulting with us could lead to serious loss and could prevent you from gaining all the rights otherwise available. You may be prevented from transferring or subletting the property or you may enter into onerous make good provisions or it could be that you are liable to maintain items that are not your responsibility. It is our experience that these matters are better negotiated before you consider taking possession and signing the lease agreement.

Partnership or Shareholders agreements

Important considerations in these agreements include voting rights and whether minority interest holders will be able to influence important decisions, distribution of profits, funding responsibilities and dealing with impasses including compulsory exits and dispute resolution.

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